styling stories // my first beauty shoot

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Hey guys, so this post is a little overdue, but better late then never right? A little over a week ago i had a shoot with Dilani and Nikkie and our gorgeous model Hanna who has a blog as well! It was my first ever beauty shoot, which is a shoot that focuses on the make up instead of the clothes and all the shots are close ups. This means that you've got quite a limited space to 'style' which makes it harder to express the feeling you're going for. I personally find accessories really important in beauty shoots as you can't show many clothes. We shot 4 images, two in a white and gold angelic theme while the other 2 shots were very dark and mysterious. It was quite a hard shoot but that's good cause i learned loads. For example nikkie and dilani wanted to show a lot of skin which we hadn't discussed beforehand and i hadn't brought many 'revealing' items.. this meant that i had to come up with creative solutions to solve the problem. For example i used the sleeves of a jumper to create a crop top, and draped a piece of fabric around the models shoulder to make the look a little more interesting. Above you can see some backstage pictures i shot, we were shooting in a daylight studio and around 5 it got pitch black dark and we couldn't see a thing because there were no light except for the ones on the make up table.. that was kinda interesting haha. If you're wondering why the model is wearing those tartan pants, remember we were only doing close ups so she could keep her own bottoms on ;)! X

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  1. Wat gaaf om zo een kijkje backstage te kunnen zien! Gefeliciteerd met je eerste shoot :)