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*#^()&%#_% it's way to early in the morning to be thinking of something to write - i'm haven't slept to well the past couple of days and i'm sitting behind my laptop like a zzzzzombie. I'm feeling a bit restless, i've got so much shit to do but i'm not in the right mindset, blah. Also i'm really stressed out because we have to arrange an internship anytime soon. And there's so many things i'd like to do that i can't choose anymore and gaahhh. If there's one thing i'm bad at it's big decisions like this. I know it's just an internship but it feels like a big thing, it's 6 months after all. All the stress has resulted in really bad eczema on my forehead and eyes and it's driving me crazy because nothing seems to help. Basically i'm just kinda feeling shitty, i need to get out of this dip like right now. So, let's stop complaining and move on to the outfit. I'm wearing a new cardigan and boots that i got in London, the boots make my feet look huge but i don't really care, i like 'm. This cardigan is amazingly thick and cozy, i love love love it. Combined it with this a patterned dress that i originally bought to wear on nights out, but it turn's out it can be dressed down as well, yay for multi purpose items. P.S. obsessed with the song below, go check it out!

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flight facilities - claire de lune (motez remix)