hide your wallets // the london edition

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cardigans primark skirts topshop necklace forever 21 bags topshop boots topshop dress primark ring topshop bra primark

Today i'm flying to London for a four day trip with school. And in my book, London means shopping (i guess pretty much everything in my book justifies shopping though) and so i've browsed some sites from the british high street and composed a wishlist of my faves. When i go to other countries i try to limit myself to shops that we don't have in Holland (or have only got one of that i never visit). I did however include Primark because in England they've got so much more cool stuff. I'm most excited to go to forever 21 and obviously Topshop.. dude check out those boots.. now that is shoe orgasm, really hope i'll find those! I'm gonna try to post while i'm there but i'm not sure if our hostel has wifi, so fingers crossed!

If you succeeded in not spending money after this post, congratulations, you’re officially better at self-control then I am (which, to be honest, is not a very hard thing to achieve, but still!). For updates on the status of my spending, you can follow me on bloglovin, facebook and instagram.

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  1. these booties are gorgeous! :*


  2. Have fun in London, I'm going in a week for a day only but I'm excited .shopping!