treasures | classy vs. sassy

Hey you guys. I'm currently riding on a train from Arnhem to Woerden, and figured the short ride would be perfect to make a little post with two of my new shoes. These little friends are what i call 'complications' that come with assisting a stylist. Constantly being in shops means constantly seeing things you love, and when sale seasons going on... you guys know the story. The heels were on sale at bershka for 20 euro's and the vans were half off + with a voucher code i had lying around those where only 20 bucks too. Pretty good deals if you ask me. I'm trying to come up with interesting stuff to tell you, but i have a bit of a writer's block (a.k.a. hangover) so i'm just gonna be lazy today. Which shoes are your favorites? The classy's or the sassy's? x

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