traveling | sardegna's soil and sea

Your wish is my command! I have been reading to much Game of Thrones the past few these, forgive me for my courtesies. No but seriously, you guys all said you wanted to see more 'life' posts, and so it shall be! I used to do loads of these back in the days, it is time i shall do so again! I fear this message shall not be long as my mum is already in bed and complaining about the noise i'm making. These pictures are an impression of where i am at the moment. We're staying in the most southern point in Sardegna, where the landscape variates constantly. My favorite's views so far have been the palm tree clad villages and beautiful blue lagoons, i feel like i'm in paradise. Also, please take a moment to check out that car driving on water in the last image, i only noticed while i was editing haha!  xx Suze


  1. Leuk dat je meer Life posts gaat doen! Prachtige foto's! Vooral de tweede, zou zo in een tijdschrift kunnen staan :) xx

  2. Leuk dat je meer life posts gaat doen! En wauw wat een prachtige foto's!