outfit | 24072013

So far the daily posting is still going strong! Today i'll have to share an outfit i wore back in Holland, as today was moving day and i did not feel like taking pictures. We've arrived safely at our new destination and i can't wait to check out the beach tomorrow and stuff myself with slushies again yumyumyum. Once again wanted to thank you all for the lovely comments on my drama post, i also miss doing more lifestyle involved post so i'll certainly do more of those in the future! I'm still working on my new blog format and i hope i'll have it up by the end of summer, but i can't promise cause as soon as i get back from my holiday i'll dive straight into intern madness and i also have a few shoots planned myself, so i'll be pretty damn busy again! Not that i mind, hard work is good for the soul (as long as you take some time to breathe every now and then). When my mum shot these images of me she said i looked a little 'punk' and i guess she's right, must be the colours in combination with the combat boots. I think the last time these made an appearance on the blog was around two years ago.. but i've rekindled my love for them lately and so they make a little comeback now. Hope you're all having a lovely holiday! xxxx

top H&M 
skirt zara 
boots primark 
necklace H&M 
sunnies H&M