outfit | 21072013

Even though i'm really tired (it's strange how you can do nothing all day and still get tired) i want to keep my daily posting promise! Today was not very different from the other days apart from the fact that i met up with a classmate of mine, it's kind of strange that both of our parents decided to go to the same little village in the middle of nowhere, but i certainly don't mind! Oh and also, i got a sunburn, i don't know what i'm doing wrong as i had lotion on and was in the shade all day. Anyhow, i now look like some kind of splotchy half human half shrimp, such a great look ahem ahem. The outfit in this picture is what i wore to dinner yesterday evening, all the items i'm wearing apart from the necklace are recent sale finds. By the way, i apologize that i've only got one picture but my mom is like the most impatient person on planet earth and so i get like a minute to shoot all the images which means they don't always come out good.. family. Gonna go to sleep now (which will be a pain in the ass as both of my arms are aching like *** and i can only sleep when i'm lying on my side, JOLLY GOD TIMES!) xxxx.

top zara
skirt monki
sandals zara
bag zara
necklace H&M


  1. great outfit! I like your skirt in combo with this shirt x

  2. Ah wat een leuke outfit, vind je schoenen echt gaaf!