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Another day of reading, sunbathing and eating has past. I have officially established an affair with watermelon Granita (the italian equivalent of slushies), ate to many carbs (for which my stomach is now punishing me) and finished another book! Today i read 'the Perks of Being a Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky, it's written in the from of letters, i don't think i've ever read a book in this kind of format (or at least i can't remember it) but i really enjoyed it! I feel like watching the movie again cause after reading this book i have Logan Lerman stuck in my head and i really want to see his cute baby face on screen again. The outfit i'm wearing is what i wore to dinner yesterday, i picked up this super comfy t-shirt dress from H&M right before i left, and give it a little twist by adding this blouse around my waist. The chain necklace does a little comeback and also i'm wearing a new pair of sandals that i picked up in the sale for only 20 bucks *BARGAIN*. They're so Phillip Lim i can't get over it, ah the perks of being a shopaholic. That's it for today, i'm gonna stare at the baby face i was talking about earlier, later! xx

dress H&M 
blouse zara 
sandals zara 
necklace H&M 
sunnies H&M

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  1. die sandalen zijn zoooo leuk! k heb ze niet in de sale gezien boohoo :((( enjoy tha rest of ya holiday xoxo