outfit | 19072013

Ciaaaaaoooooo! I was so busy i never got to mention that i would be going on a holiday, and so here i am, writing this in my hotelroom in Sardegna. For the contents of this blog this holiday shall only mean good things, since i have got absolutly nothing planned except for reading a shitload of books, getting a tan AND taking outfit pictures every day. I arrived yesterday afternoon, and spent the rest of the day sleeping and eating, cause why not? Today was pretty much the same although i replaced the sleeping by reading. I finished my first book (The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, y’know, the one Sofia Coppola turned into a movie), drank delicious watermelon slushies and even managed to turn my legs from super pale to pale. It seems that i love to accentuate my spooky appearance with all white outfits lately. But when it’s 30 degrees and your outfits are either all black or all white… it’s an easy decision. All the items i’m wearing are gems i scored in the sales, when i was packing i realised i didn’t own any sandals - which seems almost like a crime when you’re going on a sunny holiday - and so i had an excuse to order shoes (YAY). You can expect loads of baggy casual looks the coming days, cause when it’s hot i need my clothes to be two things: comfortable and oversized, period. It’s even to hot to wear my trusty chain necklaces, i mean they might be my trademark but going to the extend of having the pattern burned into my skin is one step to far. See you guys tomorrow! P.S. i hope you can get over that feet-shot, i know they ain't pretty. xx

top zara 
shorts H&M 
sandals zara 
sunglasses claire's


  1. from super pale to pale, hahahaha yeaa

    Je ziet er supah good uit, love dem sandals

  2. Hele mooie outfit, wat is je zonnebril trouwens leuk!

  3. love this outfit just in white! seems perfect for summer :)

  4. Perfect white outfits, if have these, I think summer will need not worry.