outfit | 12062013

Hey there! This morning i checked my phone to see what the weather for today would be : it told me 21 degrees but cloudy. Usually i opt for jeans/tights when the sun isn't out but today i was like.. y'know what, fuck those clouds (sorry for my language). I didn't have to think twice, and went straight for my white zara shorts. They've been hanging in my closet for a few months and had never worn them yet because i don't like them with tights. My legs are never really cold (i trained them by wearing dresses all seasons round haha) but my upper body does get cold quite easily. So i decided that it would be a good idea to wear a jumper on top. I must admit that when i wear something this i can't help thinking if it isn't a little weird to wear really short shorts with a knitted jumper.. but then i'm just like 'yo gonna wear whatever yo want guuuuuurrrrrl'. The bare legs did attract some odd stares here and there (not that i'm not used to it, i used to dress up all crazy when i was younger), although that might just have been because they're so white it must hurt peoples eyes. I need some sun people (not that i really tan.. we all dream). Ciao!
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jumper H&M 
shorts zara 
boots topshop 
necklace H&M 
clutch sandro


  1. Gaaf broekje! En leuk zo met die trui erbij!

  2. die rode lippenstift staat je heel goed! Ik krijg ook nooit bruine benen, zoo irritant! Maar ja ik heb het eigenlijk maar geaccepteerd ;) Wit heeft ook zijn charmes.

  3. Ah wat mooi, super minimalistic :) die trui is echt leuk !

  4. Erg leuke outfit! Ben dol op je rokje! Maar die trui is ook heel leuk en die rode lippenstift maakt het echt af!

  5. Mooie outfit! De skort vind ik echt gaaf!

  6. Wat een mooie outfit! leuke skort:)