outfit | 04062013

SUUUUUUUUN! YES! Sorry had to let that out. I have sinned you guys.. i bought 6 pairs of shoes in 1 week.. there's no excuse for something like that haha.. GAHHHH what is wrong with me :P? First i go crazy on candy and chocolate, now i go crazy on clothes and shoes.. someone get me to rehab please. I got three pairs of sneakers and i'm wearing one of them in this outfit, i really love the look of them. Although i do feel kind of like a cheat because they make me look all sporty and stuff while i never ever exercise.. uh-oh. Now for something non-clothing related, i went to see the Great Gatsby this weekend and it was like the BEST-THING-EVER. Ooooohmmyyyyyy..... i have no words for how much i loved it. I loved how they went for a sort of hyperrealistic uber-exaggarated 20's theme and how they used modern music with it (have been listening to the soundtrack non stop) it was just such a refreshing vibe! And not to mention Leonardo.. he's like 40 and he's still so freaking hot! I think i might actually have drooled in the scenes where he's wearing that white jumper.. fuck my life. P.S. I decided to bring back the 'song of the day', hope you guys like it! xxxx

nero - into the past

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coat H&M
t-shirt forever 21 
skirt mango 
sneakers river island 
bag monki 
sunglasses H&M


  1. yayy, de sneakers zijn echt leuk!

    en dubbel yay voor rokjes-weer, word tijd om die weer uit de kast te trekken x

  2. Geweldige look! Haha, ik ken die schoenen tic, heb ik zelf ook last van :( X

  3. Nice outfit! So so so great to have sun at last


  4. Aahh I want to see the rest of your shoes you bought :) xx