outfit | 30052013

Where on earth did the time go? I can't believe May is almost over! And i can't believe i'm still forced to wear jeans! I want bear-leg-proof-weather and i want it now! Exclamation mark! The only plus is that we can still wear beanies. Let's change the subject .. i really can't freaking wait for this season's finale of Game of Thrones... not a lot has happened this season and i'm thinking the finale is gonna be BIIIIIIIG. Anyway, look at my new t-shirt! Some might consider it to be offensive but i think it's hilarious, firstly because i love cats, secondly because puss means kiss in Swedish and H&M is swedish so they must've been thinking about it while making this shirt (so now i feel kinda cool cause i'm in on the joke). And it's almost weekend. I need to catch up on some sleep, my eyeballs are hurting. Also, did you notice that big splotch of neon yellow on the floor? My roommate decided our balcony needed a little something extra whilst she was spray painting a school project.. awesome. X
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t-shirt H&M 
blouse asos 
jeans zara 
sneakers unknown 
beanie river island 
necklace H&M


  1. Love this outfit.
    I agree with you on the weather, let the sun and warmer temperature come right now!