outfit | 29052013

I don't know what's happened lately, but I feel really really good! I feel like everything in life is sort of falling into place! It might just be the sun that got to my head today, cause i really shouldn't be floating on cloud nine in the busiest period of the year. School is coming to an end and i've got a shitload of deadlines ahead of me, but I actually don't mind it cause we have some really exciting assignments! Yesterday i went to a New Look press day (photos coming soon) with Yvet, and met up with Nanne and Anouk as well, afterwards me and Yvet strolled (or stumbled I could better say, I was wearing my new shoes and my feet did NOT like that) trough Amsterdam a little, and ate a delicious meal at Wagamamas. I was wearing my new Dries inspired plaid blouse that i found in the sale at H&M, combined with a new necklace that i got to wear when i do not wear that other gold chunky chain.. nothing better than a little bit of gold swag around the neck.
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blouse H&M
jeans zara
heels river island
necklaces H&M, asos
sunnies claire's


  1. Je zag er heel leuk uit en de hakken zijn ZO mooi! X

  2. Waaauw die hakken! Inderdaad echt heel erg mooi! Vind dat blousje er leuk bij staan, lekker nonchalant.


  3. OMG! Die hakken zijn prachtig!!!:)

  4. Je ziet er heel leuk uit! x

  5. woopwoop, zijn leuke foto's geworden :D

  6. Wat een leuke outfit. Die sandalen zijn echt fantastisch