outfit | 17052013

Hi darlings! Popped into bershka a few days ago and stumbled across this amazing cap. Obviously inspired by mister kane and tisci, but very rawrsome (pun intended) nonetheless. Since the weather's so dreary the past few days I've been wearing mostly all-black looks.. rip spring. The jacket I'm wearing is one I got a few months ago and totally forgot that I'd bought it, but I'm making use of it now! Sunday is the fashionmilk.com shoot i've been prepping for all week, can't wait! xxx

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t-shirt H&M
jacket mango
skirt zara
cap bershka
boots topshop


  1. Hele mooie outfit! En de pet is echt heel leuk!


  2. Lave that cap. I hate that the bershka store here in my city closed. They had awesome stuff.

  3. Die cap is héél tof!


  4. Ah dat petje is echt iets voor jou, heel leuk! Prachtig jasje ook van de Mango :)

  5. Suze, ik zie dat je die Nelly schoenen verkoopt. Vallen ze groot of klein? Want ik heb soms 39, 40 of 41.