outfit | 02012013

So you'd think with it being the holiday season i'd post more? Nahhhhhh. Most will-i-post-or-not dillema's end with me deciding it is ok to be lazy and not post, because this is not my job after all! At the very moment i'm on the couch in a vegetative state, however i did convince my brother to snap today's look. He's not very corporative and so all i have is this one shot, but it's something! Notice how i keep making excuses? I'm surprised you still visit this black hole that isn't even allowed to be called a blog. Thanks for bearing with me you guys. Maybe i need a little bite from the print on my t-shirt? Love xxx

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jacket forever 21
t-shirt new look
necklaces H&M


  1. This is not a black hole at all! This is one of my favorite blogs and i adore your every post and outfits!

  2. Gorgeous! Love your blog so so much.
    Katie xx

  3. he he he, niet zo negatief! je blog is hartstikke leuk
    en dit is een mooie foto :) x

  4. black hole? no of course not, yours is one of my favourite blogs! xx

  5. Just started following you! please don't let it be a black hole, i love your looks!

  6. Je blog is echt geweldig!
    Wat een leuk shirt!

  7. I lost my bloggin mojo over the holidays too! still trying to get back into it xx

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  9. Echt leuk! Ik was aan het bladeren door mijn oude magazines-collecie (om er een paar weg te gooien, aangezien ik er zoooo veel heb). en in een oude ELLEGIRL van het jaar 2008, zag ik een leuke pagina met leuke foto's van jou en je blog. Zo heb ik toch maar es gezocht of die nog bestond, en jaaa! zo leuk om te zien hoe je er vroeger uitzag en nu. echt leuk! Je styl is nog altijd top. xx