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From top left. 1) Pink glitter nails! 2) It happened, i'm 1d fangirling. 3) One of my rails came down, trying to tell me something? 4) Need i say more? 5) Giant macaroons? Yes please! 6) Christmas decorations @ de bijenkorf. 7) SUSHI TIIIIIME. 8) Trying on my sandro dress, option for NYE? 9) Can somebody give these to me? Thanks! 10) Details of the day. 11) Magic mirrors! 12) Amazing bag i got on sale @ new look. 13) Wearing my favourite waistcoat. 14) Why did they not have my size? WHYYYYYY. 15) Going trough archives is the best thing ever. 16) Moved my iMac to my apartment, so-much-space!


  1. leuke fotootjes!
    fijne feestdagen!


  2. Die bordeaux rode chelsea boots zijn echt prachtig!
    Waar zijn ze van?

    A Night in Cydonia