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From top left. 1) Joost browsing through lp's on waterloo plain. 2) FOOD ORGASM! Sandwich with ricotta, figs and pine nuts. 3) Topshop's amazing bags (although a little late don't you think?). 4) Carnaby street has a rolling stone's theme! 5) Cat vs homework. 6) Freezing while walking through hyde park! 7) Prada S/S 12 @ Fabulous Fifties. 8) New boots from Topshop. 9) Awlays pick these up when in England, cutest candy ever! 10) Christmas decoration in Oxford Street. 11) Dressing room snap shot. 12) Chicken & green apple salad. 13) More boots, these are from Primark. 14) Celebrating sinterklaas with my classmates. 15) One of all, please. 16) My brother in London.


  1. Die schoenen zijn tof! En foodies, jammie!

  2. aah wat een geweldig shirt heb je aan bij 11! mag ik vragen waar je het vandaan hebt? X