outfit | 21112012

Well well well that was some week! I'm not gonna go into the boring details, just focus on the fun ones! On Friday i went dancing with some friends and it's been a long time since i've had so much fun.. i just really needed to forget all the shit that's going on at home. Then on Sunday i did a shoot for Fashionmilk.com, which was totally awesome. I love working with Nikkie, she's hilarious and one of the only people i know that also quotes famous youtubers. On monday i went to see Breaking Dawn part two, which, i'm just gonna admit is, was also kind of awesome. Can somebody make me look like Bella please, shit i don't know what they did to her face, but it looked gooood! Outfit related, while browsing through the Action i stumbled upon this jacket, for 10 euro's i couldn't leave all that fuzziness behind. I had already ripped the price tag off of this t-shirt when i realized it says 'football' in german.. i freaking hate football.. i'm just gonna pretend it means i'm a fuzzy ball * I REGRET NOTHING *.

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t-shirt H&M men
jacket action
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  1. I love je lipstick :)
    En je outfit, of course!

  2. Geweldige foto's weer! Vind je lay out ook echt supergaaf :)


  3. Altijd leuk om zo'n dingen te vinden in de Action, overlaatst vond ik er nog t-shirts van beatles en james dean en dergelijke, echt super!

  4. Je mutsje is echt heel lief haha, die jassen zijn zoo gaaf! Ze hingen er bij ons ook al! xx

  5. ah echt een te schattig jasje zo, echt iets voor jou!


  6. hah k vind dat shirt echt heel leuk! fuzzy ball x