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Last weekend it finally became reality! I ditched my blackberry and got myself an iPhone. I got a 4s, i'm not one of those people that has to have the newest and the best, and a 5 was more expensive, so it was an easy choice! There's one little problem, my blackberry has survived my clumsiness for two years, but i'm afraid the iPhone isn't as sturdy.. i already dropped it twice. Thankfully i was thinking ahead and bought a sturdy (and boring) case! Anyways, now that i've finally got instagram i started taking pictures like a crazy person, et voila! Here's my week in pictures.

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(From top left) 1) Stripes and a new H&M necklace. 2) I got a new leopard coat, my old one now has a friend! 3) Coconut rice with mango. 4) Meow! 5) Some minimalistic wall decoration. 6) Me while shopping with the mum. 7) Beetle necklace from H&M. 8) Eva backstage at our fashionmilk shoot. 9) Apple slices with cinnamon and sugar. 10) The boyfriend, looking scary? 11) New stuff! Tee is from New Look. 12) Magazine overload. 13) Ceasar salad! 14) Chanel backstage at FM. 15) Gemsss on the accessories table. 16) Sporting a red lip.


  1. Ah dit soort posts vind ik altijd zo leuk om te zien! Super tof dat je een iPhone hebt! Ik snap heel goed dat je voor de 4s bent gegaan in plaats van de 5, scheelt toch behoorlijk veel geld en zoveel verschil is er nou ook weer niet hihi :). X

  2. Ik wil echt gewoon een Iphone voor Instagram, maar heb ook zo'n bang dat er iets mee zou gebeuren...

  3. Emmmmmmmie, wat ben je toch mooi <3

  4. Leuke post. De styling voor fashionmilk is trouwens echt super gaaf!!