outfit | 17102012

Yo! I'm in a super boring class as we speak, great time for posting today's look! I look rather dark/angry in these pics, must be the make-up, not a good look! Friday i'm going to Rome you guys! My mom is taking me on a 4 day trip, can't wait for the foooooooooood (and everything else obviously). Today i returned all the pieces i used in sunday's shoot, it's so hard to part with all the lovely items i selected with great care. To sooth the pain i bought the new issue of Lula, best magazine everrrr. x

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blouse zara
skirt H&M
rings H&M/six


  1. Looks pretty met dat burgundy rokje!

  2. Prachtige blouse! Hebben!!


  3. Die outfit is echt suuper leuk! 't Blousje staat je geweldig! x

  4. AHH I went to Rome last month and its AMAZING! Beautiful city, make sure you go out at night, it's wonderful! Love the skirt btw xx

  5. this blouse is from new collection ? it's soo pretty <3

    Zu :*