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Hi guys! Me and Kayleigh escaped our new home because the central heating is broken and we were freezing our butts off. So now we're at my parent's house, and we're going to Ikea soon to pick up some bits and pieces! On a more sad note, my grandfather passed away yesterday. He has had alzheimer for the past few years and there was nothing of 'him' left inside his body.. so even though it's really sad he's gone i'm happy that he has finally found the rest that he deserves. On monday we'll have the funeral. Rest in peace grandpa. xx

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jumper H&M
jeans urban outfitters
clutch primark
necklace H&M


  1. ohh wat stom van je verwarming

    Hele leuke outfit! die laatste foto is pretty! alles staat zo leuk bij elkaar :)

    gecondoleerd en sterkte x

  2. Stomme verwarming, mijn was ook al kapot! Freezing! Mooie clutch. Gecondoleeerd :( X

  3. erg mooie outfit!

    en gecondoleerd xx

  4. Nice die clutch! Laat ik zaterdag nou net naar de Primark gaan, hehe


  5. Suuuper leuk! Super leuk gecombineerd! Sterkte met je verwarming.. en gecondoleerd! xx

  6. Hey I really like your outfits and the whole blog ! You have a great style! I love matching white knits with studs and gold ! Great job