outfit | 28092012

YO! Here's another primark purchase! If you've been reading my blog for a while you might think 'but Suze, don't you have enough aran jumpers?'. Well yes, but they're all oversized and i wanted a 'fitted' jumper. When rummaging around for shoes i came across my 'monster' shoes (that's how i used to call them because the buckles look like claws). I got them three years ago when the first stud craze was around, and i was SO proud of them haha, i wore them all the time. Then i kind of forgot about them, but now they have been reintroduced into my wardrobe! I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together! xx

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jumper primark
blouse unknown
jeans topshop
shoes sacha
bag river island


  1. Maar jij hebt ook gewoon zoveel mooie truien, deze ook al! Leuk gecombineerd met de blouse! X

  2. Yay, heb mij eergisteren ook zo'n paar schoenen gekocht en ik kan er niet gelukkiger mee zijn! Fijne outfit, goede inspiratie hier voor hoe mijn nieuwe schoenen combineren ;) Vanwaar is je driehoek ring trouwens, die is ook tof!

  3. you are beautiful, any outfit with yours glow looks so good !

  4. Alles wat jij draagt wil ik ook in m'n kast, seriously hihi!

  5. I love this looks so much! It's so clean & fresh. Great pants.

    <3 Melissa

  6. Leuke combinatie!
    Die schoenen zijn echt geweldig!

  7. Have you heard of the band Slow Club? You look almost exactly like the girl from there.