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This is a bit of a nonsense post.. but for the first time in YEARS my winged liner actually looked like something that's supposed to be on your face. And so i put on the most dolly-ish look i could find. I tried to take proper pics but the lighting wasn't good so a photo booth snap has to do. And i must admit i actually quite like these snap-and-go posts. What do you guys think? I'm in Amsterdam at the moment, me and the boyfriend are going on a biiiiiig shopping session (for him, though). (and don't mind the room i'm at my parents and my room there is like a storage facility for all my crap) x

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headband primark
dress zara
necklace claire's


  1. Je ziet er ook wel een beetje dolly uit met je blonde haar en lichte huid, but I like that!!

  2. Pretty, pretty :). En shopze!

  3. zag de foto op facebook, very cute! je haar zit ook leuk zo
    winged eyeliner vond ik ook altijd zo irritant om te maken, naja na 2 jaar practice lukt het me nu wel aardig haha!
    have fun in amsterdaaam xx

  4. heel erg leuk!x

  5. Ziet er mooi uit! Mij lukt die winged eyeliner ook nog niet altijd helaas haha!

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