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I got this top at primark because it's black, but has a very colorful print. So i can go for an all black look, but still have some colour going on? I saw it and liked it and grabbed it, you know how it goes. Today i won a goodie bag from Vero Moda and i'm now in the running to win 1000 euro's to spend in one of their stores. Pretty amazing, as i'm head over heels in love with their fall collection. xx

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top primark
skirt primark
flats missguided
bag random


  1. waaat 1000 euro!! wowww lucky lucky you!

    en je ziet er weer leuk uit! blijft een fijn rokje! x

    1. oh lolz, las t verkeerd, vakantie eh, naja nog steeds nice tho!x

  2. die tas is echt suuuper leuk! I'm in love haha x

  3. I love this outfit. The top is really cute. I love black :)

    Ava Tallulah
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  4. i love those shoes!! how do they fit? would they be okay for someone with wide feet?

  5. Weetje, het is heel stoer, maar eigenlijk staat het je heel schattig! (a)