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Yesterday i was returning some items i used for a shoot, and had to try really hard to not be tempted by all the amazing fall collections. I texted my boyfriend that i decided to toss the cute, and go for a darker look. That plan didn't last long, cause when i came home this dress was waiting for me. I've been eyeing it for months so when it went on sale i had to have it. I probably won't be able to wear it much.. but it's one of those pieces you just want to stare at. Or at least i do. xx
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  1. Super pretty dress! I have one just like that from AA that I keep forgetting to wear x Sushi

  2. Love de jurk, heel cute ( wat je eigenlijk niet wilde haha! ) :D

  3. That's such a pretty dress!

  4. ahhhh cute!! volgens mij heeft een vriendin van mij deze jurk ook besteld, zal m even doorlinken haha xx

  5. Nice baby i like you and ur outfit pink pie.

  6. ahh superleuk jurkje! x