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Hi babes! Today i went to my local thriftstore and picked up this cropped lace top, i think it's really cute and can't wait to wear this with just a black bra underneath (summahhhh). Uh yeah, i also saw a lovely blue blazer but it wasn't tagged and so they wouldn't let me buy it, don't know what's up with that. Then i went into town with my mom and we randomly went into a jeans store where they were having a massive clear out. Now i've been looking for a good pair of jeans for a long time and i really didn't think i'd pop into it this randomly.. BUT between all the stacks of jeans that didn't appeal to me at all was this black pair from levi's. I tried it on and well.. it was like a match made in heaven. It's perfect in every possible way and i'll try to upload an outfit picture with it as soon as possible! I also went to Kruidvat as they had a 1+1 free on all make-up and picked up a few things, which i really shouldn't have done as i'm now broke - AGAIN -. Food donations are welcome! x

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  1. Leuk topje! Jaloers dat je die hebt weten te scoren bij een vintage shop

  2. Supermooie top!
    Oh en ik wilde je ook nog zeggen dat ik de mint loafers van asos heb gekocht die je eens in een post toonde :)

    xx Marie

  3. i love the lace top, ahh!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. Die kanten top is echt heel mooi!
    En een goede jeans is echt een must, leuk exemplaar.