outfit | favorite lace dress

I've owned a lot of lace dresses in the past few years, but this one has always remained my favorite. I love the sixtieness of the sleeves and it's the perfect length (aka almost to short) and it reminds me of the first picture i ever saw of Alexa Chung (she was wearing this exact one). Mirthe brought me my cat flats this friday and i'm pretty sure these will be worn to death! Ok i'm trying to come up with interesting things to tell you but the sound of automatic machines (my roommate plays those awful shooting games all the tiiiime) is kind of blocking my mind hehe. Let me know what you think about the outfit! xxx

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dress john zack
flats missguided
necklace c/o vintagestore.nl


  1. leeeuuk! doet me denken aan de populaire h&m jurk, very pretty!

    en k ben jaloers op je flats :( i want them so badddd, cats forever xoxoxo

  2. Such a gorgeous dress, loveee x

  3. Hij staat je mooi! En die schoenen zijn echt geweldig :)

  4. Wat een schattig jurkje, staat je mooi!


  5. loooove your lace dress + cat flats!! argh! i want! :) xo

  6. je hebt echt een leuke blog!