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This weather + M.I.A.'s hit is such a good combination. I pulled out this top and found out that i like it even better without the white collar that's supposed to be on it (it's detachable so i use it for dresses etc). I put my hair in a middle parting and i think i like it, what do you guys think? Oh! I'm gonna go to primark tomorrow so if there's anyone who wants me to pick up some stuff for them just let me know. x

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top zara
shorts H&M
boots nelly
bag beyond retro

& vergeet niet mee te doen aan de give-away!


  1. Hi! I've seen on lookbook, and how much you look like me, here I am in your blog! I became a follower and is perfect! kisses

    If you like my blog you can follow me on http://styleencolores.blogspot.com or if you prefer to bloglovin' Thank you!!

  2. je haar is zo leuk! ook met zij scheiding, allebei mooi!
    cute topje! het was zulk lekker weer today :) x

  3. Mooie outfit. Dat topje is echt heel leuk!

  4. Superleuke look, die tas van beyond retro is echt leuk!

  5. Jaloers dat jij naar de Primark gaat! Ofja ik mag niet zeuren, ik ga over 1,5 week zelf ook :)


  6. Loving this top, the little polka dots on the sheer arms are so cute!
    You really rock a middle parting too :)
    harriet xo

  7. totally lovely!!