outfit | if only it were summer

The weather has been great the past two days and i can't help but longing for summertime. The arrival of this dress, which was gifted to me by sugar lips apparel didn't help much. And so i couldn't help myself but to photograph it as if it were already summer. I just love the back of this dress, and also think the scalloped cut at the bottom is really cute. Do you notice the improved lightning of the picture? I have finally moved my soft box to my apartment, now you can finally see what kind of shoes i'm wearing haha! xx

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dress c/o sugar lips apparel
belt bershka
flats c&a


  1. wat een mooi jurkje zeg, hij staat je leuk!

  2. Ah wat een leuk jurkje heb jij ook gekregen!!


  3. Do you wear a bra when wearing backless dresses? If so, how? what kind? Or do you just don't wear one at all?

    1. In the pics i'm not wearing one (so that's why it's a little big at the front :( ).. but I've got small ones so can sort of get away with it.. i do know there are bra's that you tie around your neck (so that it hides underneath that piece of fabric) but no idea where to get it, sorry! x

  4. Wat ben jij toch leuk! Super blog. XXX

  5. jezus suus wat sexi! met die make-up ook.
    (ja je blog staat nog steeds in mijn readerfeed)
    xx evelyne

  6. Prachtig jurkje!
    Liefs, Swaen