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Hello everyone! I'm trying to photograph my daily outfits as often as possible, but i get home after 5 three times a week and it's dark already then (and i refuse to use flash) so that makes taken pictures very hard. Anyways! After filming my haul i dressed into this. I wear this skirt way to often.. i'm serious. H&M now does a similar one and i think i might go and get it as i want a 'back-up' for this (i mean, it is primark.. how long will it take before it falls apart?). Anyways, these pics were taken in front of my closet, some of you requested a pic so here it is! P.S. I just made a facebook page for my blog, as i think it would be fun to share more then just my blogposts! xxx

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blouse new yorker
jumper H&M
skirt primark
flats c/o vagabond via zalando


  1. Lovely outfit! Are you wearing a shirt underneath that sweater or is that a detachable collar?

    1. it's a burgundy shirt i got at New Yorker (you can see it in my haul)

  2. I wish I had all the clothes in your closet, I can see beautiful things on it! I love the skirt, I think I have to buy that H&M version :) xx

  3. Dat bordeauxrode kraagje maakt het echt helemaal af, superleuk!