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Hiya! Today i was in Amsterdam to pick up a pair of collar tips Mirthe got me, but we were stupid enough to forget to exchange them haha. Anyways, i had a nice time notheless. I'm kinda broke at the moment but there was this blouse at Zara (white with a studded collar) that i really wanted to get. I knew it would be sold out instantly so i had to go and buy it straight away.. it was sooo expensive but worth the money as i've been wanting a shirt like this for over two years now. Ofcourse i wasn't quite able to resist some other things and now i'll have to live on rice crackers the rest of the month hahah. Anyways, this is what i'm wearing today! Hope you guys like it. xx

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blouse vintage
jumper pull&bear
shorts H&M
necklace accessoirize


  1. suze suze waar is dat jurkje van wat daar rechts van jou hangt te pronken?

  2. Nog maar 2 dagen tot stufi ;) mooie blouse!

  3. Hey dat jurkje rechts heb ik gister ook gepast in de river island, en die witte blouse van de zara heb ik ook zien hangen en die is gooooorgeous!!

  4. Mooie outfit! Echt een leuke blouse ook!

  5. just discovered your blog, you have a pretty style! :D

    following! :D

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