life | favorites (Q&A pt.2)

What are your favorite fashion blogs?
I’ll start with my all time favourite: The Cherry Blossom Girl. It was one of the first blogs I ever read and I still love it! Other blogs I check out often are: Pavlina Jograva, The Stylish Heart, Trini G, Birds of a feather flock together.. and many more.

What are your favorite magazines?
I really like Lula, Oyster and Russh. But those are only sold at very limited places so when those aren’t available I go for Vogue or L’Officiel.

What kind of music do you like?
Just visit my and find out for yourself!

Favorite bands/artists?
Uhhh… All time fav’s include The Doors, Fleet Foxes, Franz Ferdinand, Patrick Watson and ok I’ll put Arctic Monkeys in here as well.. they’re sort of a guilty pleasure.

Best concert you’ve ever been to?
I think i’ll name Fleet Foxes at Lowlands, i wasn’t even inside the tent but it’s the most beautiful thing i have ever heard.

Do you have a celebrity-crush?
Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, Jim Sturgess, Aaron Johnson, Rpatzzzz (don’t judge me :P), Michael Cera, Freddie Highmore and good old Johnny Depp. Wow that was quite a list..

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Do you have a favorite decade?
Do you even have to ask? My favorite decade will always be the 60’s, but i’m also starting to create a great affinity for the 90’s. And I also like bits and bobs from all the other era’s.. choosing sucks.

Favorite books?
Even though i really enjoy reading i only read books during the holiday’s and when i had to for school (thankfully i did really enjoy those) so i’m just gonna name the last book i read which is also one of my faves. One Day by David Nicholls.

Favorite movies?
I’ll name just a few: One Day, The Runaways, Nowhere Boy, Marie Antoinette, Factory Girl, Never let me go, 500 days of summer, The art of getting by. I have loads more, so if you’d like me to do a post/video on those please tell me!

What’s your favorite garment?
My simple black chelsea boots that I got at Asos. I’ve only got them for three months and they’re already falling apart so i’ll need to replace them soon.


  1. Een post over je favoriete films zou ik zeker leuk vinden! :)

  2. Een post over films moet je zeker doen

  3. Johnny Depp is echt zo leuk, zeker voor een wat 'oudere' man. Nowhere boy vind ik ook een zalige film!
    leuke post!

  4. haha, i COMPLETELY agree with the celebrity crushes part!

  5. Ah, het lijkt erop dat we dezelfde smaak hebben!
    Ik stond vooraan bij Fleet Foxes op Lowlands en toen ik zag dat ze op mijn 18e verjaardag gingen optreden in de HMH moest ik er gelijk heen!
    Hun nummers maken een slechte dag gelijk beter!