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As i told before i've gotten more into 'beauty' lately, i've spend hours and hours watching youtube channels/tutorials.. it turns out i literally knew nothing about make up. I'm a little bit more educated now and i'm enjoying painting my face every now and then, not because i think i need it, but because i think it's fun! I didn't really have any make-up apart from my beloved chanel mascara and my mom's hand-me-downs so the past few months i've invested in some beauty products! I like how the low-budget brands seem to expand their collections with more 'pro' items, such as primers and hd foundations. I decided to pick up a few items from Catrice and Essence, you can spot them below. P.S. Do you guys think i should do more beauty related posts in the future?

Catrice Photo Finish Foundation I've read a lot of good reviews on this product, and because it's so cheap (6,50 euro's) i just had to go and get it to see for myself. I like foundations that are light and just give you a little bit of a healthy glow (because i get really really pale), and this product does exactly that. It doesn't feel like i'm wearing anything and i look healthier, though i don't look like i'm wearing foundation. The product is scented though and i have very sensitive skin so i don't think i can wear this to often.. but i'm still happy to have added it to my stash.

Essence Hello Holo Nailpolish I've wanted a holographic glitter nailpolish for ages, but i don't like to spend a lot of money on nail polishes (except for the Chanel ones-that is) so when i bumped into this i just grabbed it. All i can say is that it is a-ma-zing.. i covered my nails completely in glitter, it took about five layers to get it to look like this but the polish dries quickly so it didn't take me longer then usual.

Catrice Eye Brow Pencil I have the Benefit browzings at home, and really like what it does to my face but i found that i took to long, i wanted something that i can carry with me and apply within a minute, so i just randomly picked up this pencil. I don't know if it's good because i haven't tried any others yet, but it works fine for me, i like that it has a brush on the back.. um yeah.

Gosh Touch Up Concealer I found this in the sale section, i've been looking for a green concealer for a long time, most brands only sell them within pallletes and i didn't want that so i'm very pleased that i've found this. My skin get's red very easily, and as green is opposite of red in the color circle this evens out the color.

As for the powder, i haven't tried that, if it's any good i'll let you know!

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  1. Die foundation is een goeie tip, die ga ik zeker proberen

  2. Love the sparkly nail polish!