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And here it is, my new dinosaur sweater! I love things with quirky doodles, and when i was little one of my favorite toys were two big plastic dinosaurs so this seemed pretty legit haha. I also like that it's actually a sweater and not a knitted jumper because i have to many of those (but never enough hehe). Sometimes i find it weird how long i can ramble on about clothes.. my boyfriend even says 'that fabric is so chanel' and 'that's very alexa chung'. Joost studies history but you don't hear me making smart references to that.. my brain hurts when he reads me his papers. BTW! Four more days and i'm leaving four south-africa.. can't freaking wait :D!

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  1. aahhh hij is echt leuk. is dat dat blousje van h&m btw? echt een mooie kraag.

  2. Oei dit laat mij denken aan vroeger, toen ik altijd met mijn broertje met de dino's speelde hihi
    de trui is leuk!

  3. Love it!


  4. love the sweater ♥
    En wow Zuid-Afrika lijkt me echt wel geweldig!

  5. Cute sweater you have what it takes to rock that one. South Africa sounds nice, how I envy the weather in there. :D

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  7. Dino's are the best! Leuk met de peter pan kraag :)