outfit | scottish scarf

TGIF! Have been stuck on an assignment all week and today i finally had my 'eureka' moment, so glad it's over (for now). I got myself some sushi to celebrate omnomnom. Tuesday i watched this movie called 'In Time' which was sooo good! The overall story really got me hooked and the styling was excellent as well. I seem to watch a lot of movie's lately, guess i just love to escape from reality every now and then. When i came home today the dinosaur sweater i had on my wishlist was waiting for me, i promise to showcase it soon! Have a nice weekend ya'll.

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blazer H&M
top camden market
shorts mango
boots H&M
scarf secondhand


  1. Ik zoek echt al superlang zo'n sjaal. Prachtig!

  2. I wish to have your t-shirt! xx

  3. Wowowow love this - especially the scarf + tee!


  4. Staat je goed, vooral in combinatie met de rode lippen!

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