outfit | no brainer

This is the kind of outfit that i wear when i don't really know what to wear, a skirt with a jumper tucked into it. Because it's really me and always looks fun. Tonight i have my first zumba dance lesson, it's about time that i work on my physical condition. I'm really excited and hope i won't drop dead after an hour of exercising. Wish me luck! x

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jumper zara
dress (as skirt) zara
belt vintage
loafers new look
bag alysa


  1. Leuk, vooral gecombineerd met die loafers :). En veel plezier bij je eerste Zumba les.

  2. that skirt/dress is beautiful oh
    and good luck!

  3. I hope you continue updating this blog as often as now. I really love your style! xx

  4. @ anonymous
    i will certainly try! and thanks <3

  5. Whoee, mooi!
    En zumba is leuk, ik doe het zelf ook al bijna een jaar!