outfit | 90'ies jumper

Time for more outfitssss. My face + hair (put it in a bun when i do homework) looks ridiculous but you all already knew that i don't have a perfect blogger face haha. Got this nineties inspired sweater a while ago, pretty sure i had one exactly like this (only in pink haha) when i was little. I'm at school and really need to pay attention now, tell me what you think about this look! x

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dress zara
fuzzy sweater H&M
bag vintage chanel
heels topshop


  1. i think you look gorgeous and i love how the shoes give your look this certain elegance and let your legs look sooo perfect!


  2. U look so pretty in this pic! I like the hair :)

  3. This isn't true, you are so pretty and you have a beautiful legs! I love this outfit, are this Zara dress a new one or a old one?

  4. loving the jumper and I have the same dress in blue :) the peter pan-collar is just amazing!

  5. @ anonymous, got this one about a year ago so it's old! sorry!

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  7. this combination is killer, as are those heels. love!

  8. HAHA, heb ik ook! Zo lekker zacht he!

  9. He die struisvogel trui heb ik ook haha! leuke combinatie ook :)

  10. Everything about this look is just awesome!