OUTFIT | rust and cinnamon

I've been wearing these jeans for four days in a row now, love them SO much. They have the best colour in the world and they remind me of old times when i used to collect coloured skinnyjeans (if you're in for a laugh click here). Anyways, i'm really sad because i went to the hairdresser this weekend and the world seemed to hate me that day because the lady cut 10cm of my hair off! While i just told her to cut the dead ends of.. like.. fuck! The haircut i have now i so damned ugly that i'll have to wear my hair up into a bun for the coming month.. gaaaaaah. I'm usually quite ignorant about my hair and make-up but this haircut really is the worst i've ever had. And that while i liked my hair from the last post so much! Okay enough about hair.. here is my today's outfit in photobooth pics.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

jeans topshop

shirt H&M

boots H&M

jacket H&M


  1. Die broek :), geweldige kleur! Leuk gecombineerd ook. Argh, nu baal ik dat ik niet kan bestellen bij Topshop :p!

  2. Super leuk!!

    Kijk ook even bij mij!


  3. WOW, wat leuk dat je m'n blog leest! Ik lees de jouwe namelijk al eeuwen! Ik had al gelezen dat je naar WDKA ging en zag je vorige week al lopen bij de college zaal! Heb je 't naar je zin tot nu toe?

  4. OH echt, dat is stom! Laten we anders eind van deze week of volgende week iets gaan drinken als dat je leuk lijkt!? Ik ben nu een beetje ziek, dus ik moet even wat avonden vroeg naar bed, hihi.

  5. the color of your jeans are awesome! i would wear them a lot as well!

    xo char