we get mistaken for strangers by our own friends

At the moment you read this i'm might be swimming with dolfins or diving with sharks (whuuaaa freaks me out), i can't wait to tell you about my holiday here! On topic : I have no idea what happened to my face here, its like.. super small and red and my eyes are scary.. oh well. This is another outfit of the pictures i took with Rosanne friday last, it's my gorgeous asos dress (but you can't see the most important thing, the collar). This cardigan has been my house the past couple of weeks, it's so freaking cold and i just throw it on every outfit, regardless of the fact that it looks a little sloppy, i care more about being warm then about fashion!

dress,asos - cardigan&shoes,vintage - bag,primark
sotd : the national - mistaken for strangers


  1. I don't think your cardigan looks sloppy, it looks great with that dress!

  2. Your dress is so cute. Your cardigan is amazing, not sloppy at all x


  3. Wow, jou outfits zijn altijd zoo leuk om naar te kijken hi-hi!

  4. well, I think you stunning with the cardigan!
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  5. I think the cardi looks gorgeous!

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    Much love in the snow xxx

  6. Je bent zo cute! Erg leuk :)


  7. I can't believe your bag is from primark, it is so beautiful!