there's blood on the streets it's up to my knees

Going from 29 to 0 degrees was kind of weird, i almost forgot how dangerous it is to ride my bike now. I'm happy to be back though, i love snow! Today i'm going to Amsterdam, it must be kind of weird to see such a big city covered in snow. Here are some pictures of Rosanne wearing my clothes i took the day before i left. This is the kind of look i would like to channel this winter.

sotd : the doors - peace frog


  1. that's a real nice outfit!!!
    Would love to see you rock it :)

    Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

  2. Geweldige outfit & mooie foto's meid! + je shirt en tas zijn héél mooi! xxx

  3. Lieve foto's en die tas blijft mooi..

  4. Happiness Is SubjectiveDecember 29, 2010 at 10:17 PM

    Really lovely outfit :) The trousers are a personal favourite x

  5. Leuke outfit. Grappig om iemand anders in jou kleding te zien. Over je vorige post WOW. Dat is inderdaad vreemd om dan terug te komen in de sneeuw. Ik wens je alvast a happy new year!

  6. amazing outfit, everything's just perfect :)

    love your blog,
    xx Cassie