a wild hunt

I can't wait for summer, summer means festivals, and you all know i loooooove music, so what's better than a weekend full of music + sun + friends!? Ofcourse, i'm the kind of noob who starts deciding what to wear 4 months in advance. But i can't help it! I felt very inspired! Haha, so here is a 'festival outfit' i came up with, the hat is very practical so all my friends can recognize me, right!?? I guess wearing heels isn't really a good idea but that's a concern for later!

top - topshop / leather shorts - cut off some old pants i got from my mom / shoes - H&M / hat - got it somewhere in the U.S.A
sotd : the tallest man on earth - the wild hunt


  1. Amazing outfit as usual lovee<33

    xoxo Shannon

  2. I love this! Great use of a raccoon skin hat, too. i may have to break mine out for a local outdoor show! thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Oeh festival's, love it!
    Leuke outfit, leuk detail dat enkelbandje!

  4. die leather shorts mag je echtwel vaker gaan dragen zeg superrr hip!! leuke outfit!