finally!, the A's to your Q's !!!

What grade are you in?
It’s so different in the Netherlands and other countries. I’m one year before graduading from high-school, actually i had to be one class higher but i had to do this year all over again.. sucks. NL : Ja, 5vwo dus!! Ben dit jaar blijven zitten.. heeeeel erg fijn.. ahum. Met het profiel C&M.

What study do you want to do after HS, and in what city?
Good question! I have no idea1 In holland there is nothing to my likings. The thing i like most is a study called Allround Styling at ‘Artemis’ in Amsterdam. And i’m thinking of going to london, there you can follow a study called Styling&Photography.. that would be awesome.. But i don’t know maybe i will do something not fashion related. I’ll see. I'll probably do something in Amsterdam, it's the best city Holland's got to offer.

Do you often get kicked out of a lesson, at school?
No, i really am one of the most unconcentrated kids of my class but i guess the teachers like me :P..

How tall are you?
Im HUUUUGE. A GIANT! 1.69m tall!!!

What’s your weight?
My weight shifts between 52 and 55 kilo’s.

What beautyproducts do you use?
Not many. I’ve never been into make-up. All i use is mascara and some liquid eyeliner. I’ve never even plucked my eyebrows or whatsoever. And i don’t use any day or night creme or any of that sort of stuff either..

What do you use to keep your skin pimple-free?
Nothing.. absolutely nothing. I’ve never really had any problems with pimples and when i started on birthcontrol the bits i did have completely dissapeared.

Are you contect with yourself?
Yes I am. Very certainly yes. I would like my boobs to be slightly bigger but I can live with the fact that they are not. And as long as my boyfriend says they’re fine. Well.. why would I complain??

How would you describe your personality?
I would describe myself as a very impulsive human being. (did you know I’ve got ADHD??)

Are you and you’re boyfriend still together? (and what’s his name?)
Yeah! Ofcourse! Otherwhise i probably wouldn’t have been blogging for ages just out of greave.. I can understand that you might think we aren't cause of the lines i sometimes use above my posts but those are just lyrics from the ‘sotd’. And his name is Joost!

Where and how did you meet your friends?
How should i know! Everywhere. I’m always like.. hey you look cute and you have such a cool shirt where did you get that? (when i don’t know the person) and then we start talking and we and up as good friends.. So everywhere and nowhere really.. I’m the kind of person who starts talking to strangers.. just because.. I like to.

What are you’re favorite tv shows?
Grey’s Anatomy, House and Skins, i’ve watched all gossip girl and the city episodes as well but i do not find them very interesting, they kill time, that’s all. As for cartoons, i love avatar, and fairly odd parents, it’s so funny!

Favourite book?
Oof. I love to read. But I can not answer this one. I suck at the you-have-to-pick-one-questions. Last book I read was Twilight (in English so that it had educational value!).. hahahahah.. obviously not the best book I’ve ever read.. not at all..

You’re favorite movie?
Anonement, pride&prejudice, Marie Antoinette, Forrest Gump, V for Vendetta, Amelie Poulain, Pulp Fiction, Into The Wild.. I can not pick one!

What’s your favorite food?
Italian food or Tapas.. and I love fruit.. I eat 3 apples a day..

Do you play an instrument?
Well.. I try to teach myself how to play the guitar but I really really really suck. My friends always laugh at me. But I like doing it anyway, it’s really relaxing.

Do you have a job?
No. I used to have a job, but they didn’t like that I went to italy for 4 weeks to work on a campside so they fired me.. haha.. whoops.. I’m still searching for a new job though. But I want a NICE job instead of working at a supermarket..

Do you get a lot of allowence?
100 euro’s a month.. for clothes, presents.. train tickets, tickets for concerts and everything else..

To what countries have you been?
Way to many, i travel a lot. But my favorite locations are always the big city’s.. i’m a city girl. I loved San Francisco, Rome, Prague, London, New York.. etc etc etc..

How much did you spend on your trip to londen (shopping not included)?
I think it costed me about 300 euros. This includes transportation, accomodation and food.

Where to go in londen?
There’s a cute place called Neal’s Yard, you can google it! And make sure not to miss camden.. it’s the best.. I also liked covent garden, it’s a cute place to have lunch or something like that.

Red or white whine?
Considering going out I’d say white, but otherwise it would depend on what I’m eating!

Where do you live, is it a nice town?
I live in woerden, it’s ‘the most average town’ of holland (seriously, that’s a fact!), and.. i do not like average.
But it’s fine here, i wouldn’t complain but i can’t wait to get outta here.. as i said, im a city girl..

Do you have any pets?
Yes i have a cat, her name is Dot, my dad said it was okay for us to have a cat if he could come up with a name.. and so he did. Oh and i have fish.. but we only have them because our cat drinks the water from the fishtank.

Do you and you’re brother have a good relationship?
Yeh we do, we never get into fights or anything like that at all, we used to when we were young but now we get along very well. I can talk to him about anything, and he’s very creative as well!

What do your parents do for a living?
My dad is a gynaecologist and my mum is an obstetrician.

Are you religious?
No I’m not, from home we are non-religious. I did go to a Christian Primary-School though.

Do you smoke?
Mais non.. I only smell sigarettes.

How much money do you spend on clothing each month?
On average i’d say about a 100 euro’s a month.

What’s you’re most expensive purchase?
A real leather jacket from zara, i’ve bought it a really long time ago but it’s still the most expensive thing i’ve ever bought, Everything in my closet is cheap…

How long does it take you to pick an outfit?
Oh that depends on my mood. Normally about 5 to 10 minutes. Because I get unhappy with what I’ve just created very easily.

What’s the number-1 must-have on you’re wishlist?
Alexander wang Rocco bag in grey with silver studs.

What’s you’re favorite piece from you’re own closet?
How should i know! I’ve over 60 pairs of shoes and 300 clothes to choose from.. i really don’t know.. but if i really had to pick one i’d say my converse.. i can NOT live without them.. seriously.

You’re favorite city to shop?
I think that would be a city i’ve never been to.. obviously Stockholm.. i hope to go there this summer together with some friends.

What do you think of cory kennedy?
Haha-haha-haha. Is she still ‘a thing’??? I remember I liked her ‘style’ a few years ago.. (although she really needed to wash her hair.. and get some sleep every now and then, but considering her style I liked her) now she’s just.. bluuuhh.. boring…

Your must-haves for spring?
Slouchy socks + heels like the ones from burberry prorsum, a nice maxi dress, a chocker necklace.


  1. Vind je jezelf serieus lang of is dat een grapje? Ik vind je namelijk helemaal niet lang. Ik ben zelf 1.80 en op mijn school ben ik zeker niet de grootste.

  2. natuurlijk is dat een grapje.. ik ben echt heel erg klein

  3. haha leuk stukje, maar ik zou wel dag en nacht creme gebruiken. stukken beter voor je huid.

  4. aaah! vind jij jezelf klein? ik ben dus 1.57.. haha, en ik snap niet waarom je corry kennedy niet leuk meer vind? Ik heb btw hetzelfde profiel! Hoe komt het dat je bent blijven zitten in de 5e? Was er iets aan de hand? Of is dat privé? Wel tof dat beide je ouders dokters zijn, echt stoer haha. Ga je dit jaar wel over? Hoe oud is je broer? haha sorry voor de zoveel vragen, maar ik volg jou al van kleins af aan, en ik vind het echt zo leuk!
    ik hoop niet dat je je nu gestalkt voelt..

  5. Je bloemenshirtje is zo mooi! Leuke A&Q!

    Love, Cindy.

  6. Yeah ik sta erbij ouwe.
    Enne, is dat bord met antipasti niet die ene die wij toen gemaakt hebben?

  7. Haha, super leuk stukje :) Ik ga trouwens in maart naar Londen, en ken jij misschien een leuk museum daar? Ik wil namelijk ook een beetje cultuur snuiven en niet alleen maar shoppen ;)

  8. vet leuk!
    was die foto met je vriendje bij een echte foto shoot? en die foto met je vriendin? of gewoon thuis vanwege die achtergrond!
    love your style girl!
    xoxo amber

  9. You seem to be a cool girl Suze! Thumbs up for you. :)

  10. Wow, dat duurde even, voordat je al die vragen had beantwoord. Goed gedaan ;). Leuk om te lezen allemaal!

  11. Fun to read all your answers. Stumbled in here from a swedish blog. Used to live in the Netherlands, both in Den Haag & Tilburg. Went to Tilburg University in 2006! Like what you recommend about LDN as well. Camden is a must, used to live there as well. And my best friend worked in Covent Garden, beautiful shops & restaurants.


  12. jij bent zo cool!
    vet leuk geantwoord

  13. Wat een leuk interview! Ik dacht al met 1.69 ben je niet echt groot:D Ik met mijn 1.82 wel.