now that your spirit is broken

This is where i hang out every friday afternoon. My (boy)friend's rehearsel with their band and i just sort of hang out and get them beer and food whenever they need it, sometimes i even invite friends over. It's so much fun! They play really really well, i i'm pushing them to record a song of theirs because it's soooo good and i want to show it to you guys! Peace out!!

And i've finally started a tumblr, to have a place to dump my daily dosis of inspiration. Click here.
sotd : dead kids - fear and fluoride


  1. Ik volg je ;D
    Die zonnebrillen zijn zo mooi op die foto! Mijn tumblr is

  2. Leuke foto's!
    Enenen leuke tumblr, nu al! ;)

  3. Leuke foto's -
    nu ben ik ook wel benieuwd naar hun songs :) x