in morning traffic.

Sometimes i find a certain item in my room/closet, that i've never actually worn but i do really love. When that happens i'm determined to make it work in an outfit. Such as this pearl-necklace, i'm not really into pearls, but i always thought they could look really cute when worn in the right way! So i chalenged myself to build an outfit around it. This is the result. Tell me what you think!!

top - H&M / shorts - vintage levi's / tights - topshop / heels - invito / pearl necklace - vintage
sotd : miike snow - a horse is not a home


  1. superleuk! parels kunnen inderdaad heel tof staan, op de juiste manier gecombineerd! is zeker geslaagd vind ik! ;)

  2. Heel leuk! Ik zou het alleen met een gewone zwarte panty combineren. Die hartjes zijn geniaal, maar niet hierbij vind ik...

  3. Thank you for the sweetest comment ever! Well, how come? Maybe because I only have been blogging there just a few weeks? I don't know! :) We'll see how it goes.

    Must also add that I adore your blog. Your style is great, and your photos are really nice!

  4. No, it's only fake hair! :)

    Of course that's okay! Will make my day. ♥

    Xxx, Karin

  5. Je panty is echt heel leuk! Ik had hem al gezien bij topshop. Hoe lang duurt het eigenlijk als je vanuit Nederland iets wilt bestellen van Topshop voordat het aankomt, en is het ingewikkeld?


  6. Je hebt gelijk!
    Parels zijn super als je ze tenminste goed draagt.

  7. oh totally - you did a great job! pearls are wonderful. most people can't pull them off with a more casual look. you've inspired me!