and if you flash your heart i won't deny it

Hey there! It's been a while! Today i came back from my trip to south africa.. it was wonderful. So surreal. I'll post lots of pictures later these days but now i'm way to tired, i need to get some sleep so i can party tonight! Here's at least 1 picture i took of my favorite animal in the reserve we were in, a cheetah! Have fun tonight!!

sotd : the temper trap - love lost


  1. Lucky you! Ik heb in Kenia geen Cheetahs gezien, en ik wilde ze super graag zien. Ik heb wel leeuwen gezien, die vond ik echt te vet.
    Have fun tonight!

  2. wow supermooie foto! heel veel plezier vanavond, alvast happy 2010!xx

  3. Mooie foto, ben zo benieuwd hoe het was :)

  4. yes, je bent weer terug
    weer lekker je posts lezen! =D