when you say your heart still sings

who doesn't love balmain? i was bored so i made a timeline from the first 'cool' collection till the last one. 7 seasons. but how long can he keep on doing this.. i mean.. it all looks a bit the same. doesn't take away that i love it, but i'm looking forward to see something new from him.

sotd : the libertines - music when the lights go out


  1. balmain is echt vet, maar wel elke keer bijna hetzelfde ja! ben ook wel toe aan iets totaal anders!

  2. how dare you expect anything 'more' from balmain.
    Balmain has been THE BEST for many years in a row!

  3. just don't understand your comment anonymous. There are sooo many more fashionasta's who are expecting more from Balmain after these collections who all look a little bit the same. I mean: ripped jeans, glitters, shoulders, rock and roll, studs. It's not everytime something different and I think fashions houses need to be different every season because that makes them special

  4. Balmain is misschien wel elke keer hetzelfde, maar het is wel echt zo pretty

    Je blog is echt gaaf! You go ELLE-girl