london day four

Our day started with a trip to Nothing Hill (picture 1,2,3). I searched for portobello market but i found out it's only on friday/saturday, to bad. Anyways, this was a really cute part of town, i'm in love with the pastel colored houses, they remind me of barbie.. in some way. There was this jewellery store (picture 4) completely stuffed with jewellery, seriously, everything was covered in the most beautiful jewellery, unfortunately it was all really expensive... Then we took the subway to Abbey Road, there's a webcam, and you can watch it live on their website. So we called our parents and they watched us while we were walking across the road (picture 5,6). Then we chilled at Marble Arch, there were hundreds of birds, and i made them attack Joost, which was kind of funny (picture 7). Then it was time for our biiiig shopping-spree. Shopping with a guy is so much fun, you should try (picture8). Oh.. and topshop.. i love you(picture9).


  1. those jewels look really cool.
    i love london, it's an amaaaazing city :D

  2. aaah de topshop van binnenin<3 waauwie