what ya gonna do when they come for you

Today i walked across this billboard with kate's new campaign for parisienne, i and stood their for like 2 minutes with an open mouth just staring at the ed, i was soooo shocked by the fact she still pulls of this amazing look, i think this women will never get ugly! Anyways, as i was searching trough some archives, is stumbled on this vid of a young kate auditing for a l'oreal commercial, and it's just so beautifull, you just have to watch it, a young kate is even more pretty then an old one.

sotd : bob marley - bad boys


  1. She's just so pretty! And her style is, aaah!! Topshop is coming to Norway next year!!! I can1t freaking waiiiit :D

  2. tjesus, volgens mij kan zij echt nooit lelijk worden, ze blijft voor altijd knap :P