what she said is quite serious

Yesterday i watched 'The Edge Of Love', the movie itself was beautifull, i mean, sienna miller and kiera knightley. What else do you want? (well okay i secretly would like it if alex turner started acting) But the story the movie told was just awful, so boring! It was really about nothing, i was just that the sets and characters and costumes were so pretty. My favourite scene was in the beginning, it's sienna smoking with really red lipes. Love It.

sotd : the enemy - 40 days and 40 nights


  1. I havent seen or heard about it, so I cant make up an opinion, haha. But bring movies are never nice to watch, you just wish for it to be over.

  2. ik was inderdaad ook erg teleurgesteld in het verhaal. maar de vrouwen en de kleding zijn fantastisch vooral wanneer ze in het huisje aan zee verblijven.