we rule the world

My fashion week favourites till so far. Enjoy!

It's like a fairytale! And i like fairytales! Louise is such an innovative designer, she creates looks that are very arty but still wearable. I really like what she's doing. Would i wear it? No don't think so.. this is something i just like to look at or use in a photoshoot.

Sienna hasn't been very innovative with this, but i wouldn't have expected any different from an actress-turned-designer. She just watched some trends that are going on and took all of those pieces together in colors she liked. Anyways, i do like the collection, but it's something i've seen many times before. Would i wear it? Yup, i think this is totally me. The shorter the better.

I am a sucker when it comes to bright colors, somehow i really really really love them, these outfits are the perfect combination of a edgy feminism, i love the jewelerry/beads he used to make the outfit stand out a bit more. In one word, perfection. Would i wear it? You bet ya! But i would have pulled it off with some gladiator heels.

I don't think that any of you blog readers is not into this sort of style, studs, wide tops, chunky boots and beach hair on top. Yeah, just a great look, erin has designed some nice pieces i must say, but it isn't very innovate, this has been done a couple of times before.. i'm wondering how long this trend will last.. Would i wear it? Am i not already wearing this sort of stuff?

Jeeh! when i saw this i was so happy, colors that i would normally define as ugly do really work in this sort of look. Although it is clear that they took christopher kane's very first collection as an inspiration source. Anyways, me like! Would i wear it? Yes yes yes yes yes, this totally resembles the scream for crazy colors in me.

Ah.. she cant do any wrong can she? After a few bit more though collections she now is back to the cute roots. And i just adore it, i love pastels. And look at those cute bows in their hair! Yeah this just is really nice, i need that black heart dress, to cute for words. Would i wear it? Hmmm i don't know.. maby once in a month or so.

Well well well charlotte, i have to admit you're damn good at this. She went for that studs/rocker look we've seen many times before but somehow she gave it a twist that i'm very happy with to see. I'm in love with those short tights, i need to make myself a pair of those. Yeah i would wear every single piece of this collection. Would i wear it? Hell yeah, no more explanations.

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